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Residential Removals

Residential / Home / House RemovalsMoving your home can be exciting yet exhausting. Packing all your belongings safely can be head-scratching, not forgetting the stress you will go through when hauling hundreds of boxes and heavy furniture to a waiting truck before driving to your new home. When you get there, you will then have to unpack all the goods and put your house in order. Why go through all that hassle while Hills Movers can do everything for you?

The main reason why most homeowners take the risk of moving things by themselves is because of the hefty costs that are imposed by moving companies. Since we care about you, we present one of the most competitive pricing strategies in the market, which means that we have a residential moving package that conforms to both your needs and budget.

At Hills Movers, we have a complete team of professionals that will give you the support you need throughout the moving process. We have trained all team members on the need to adopt a personalized approach, act with professionalism, show respect to clients, and pay attention to detail regardless of the intensity of the job. They are dedicated to doing everything in their capacity to ensure your transit is successful and comfortable. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are working with the best expert you can find in Hills District.

The key experts we shall send to you include;

  • Relocation consultant- this is the professional who will make the first contact with you. He will come to your home, look at all your belongings, offer a custom solution for your moving needs, provide you with free packing tips, and give you a complimentary quote that will correlate with your budget.
  • Move Coordinator– when the relocation coordinator has given all the details, then you will need a person who will oversee the moving process. This is where one of our knowledgeable and highly experienced move coordinator comes in. He will answer all your queries, concerns, and execute a custom relocation plan which will see you move to your new home easily, affordably, and in the shortest time possible.
  • Packers– personalized service, discipline, and a positive attitude towards work is what defines every packer at Hills Movers. Like other experts in our team, they are guided by a strong code of ethics, and this is why none of them has ever been implicated in any misdoing through the years we have been in business.

Our packers know that you are the only person who understands all your possessions than anyone else; therefore they will involve you in every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with the packing process.

Drivers- all our drivers are fully-trained, licensed, and incredibly reliable. We have an intense professional driver development program that aims at training Hills Movers Drivers on safety training and customer service. Whether you are moving for a short or long distance, you will doubtlessly love the level of friendliness and respect our drivers have for you, your loved ones and your belongings in transit.

Household goods removalist you can trust

Do you want to move across town or across the country? Call us now for a highly customized service that will neither break your bank nor give you a reason to regret. We can move you;

Interstate (from state to state)

For over a decade, we have moved thousands of families across all states in Australia. We understand your unique needs, and we shall engage with you every step of the way and give you maximum support the distance you want to move notwithstanding. We can help with recommending self-storage facilities, if required, for temporary storage solutions.

Intrastate (local move)

We are a local mover you can rely on! We are here to plan your relocation from your home to another from the beginning to the end. Since we have our offices in your area, we bring professional services to your doorstep. Call us now!

If you need to do a few renovations to your new home before moving in, don’t worry. We shall store all your belongings in our climate-controlled storage facilities at reasonable rates.

What makes our residential moving unique is because our qualified and insured packers do everything in precision to ensure that all your possessions arrive at their intended destination in the same condition as they left your former home. We offer a range of packing services including;

  • Full-service packing- we pack every item for you!
  • Fragile-only packing- we will pack the items designated by you!
  • Self-pack- we shall give you a complete guide on how to pack all everything you have by yourself!
  • Loading and delivery- we shall get load your valuables and deliver them to your new home. We will also take care of belongings that need disassembly and assembly.

What are you waiting for?

In need of a mover who will offer you with a moving service that you will live to remember? Give us a call now or fill the booking form on this page and get a free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you!