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8 DIY Packing Tips You Should Know

You are ready to relocate, but you have to pack everything by yourself bearing in mind that you are working on a tight budget, and you are not in a capacity to pay your mover for a full packing service. For a fact, this ordeal can be challenging, but with the tips mentioned below, there no doubt that you will perform it easily and efficiently:#1 Finish one room and move to the nextOne of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving is packing things in your entire house without a plan. To ensure you don’t mix things up and get confused when you get to the other side, ensure that you focus on one room, complete packing everything in it, and then move to the next. If you don’t do this, you might forget some things, or some may be lost in the process.#2 Never procrastinateMany people are bored by the thought of packing, and they tend to procrastinate the undertaking every day. This is one thing you should avoid at all costs. To reduce the stress and exhaustion that comes with this task, pack several boxes a few weeks to the actual move. Don’t wait to get started, make packing easier by working on it right now!#3 Label all the boxesWhen you get to your new destination, you want to make unpacking easy. The best way to do this is to write a brief description of t6he contents of each box and the room you packed them from. For every room, use different coloured markers. Doing this will not only make it easy for you to put everything where it belongs in your new premise, but it will also provide helpful clarity to you and your moving company.#4 Make use of packing papers instead of regular newspaperNever fall into the trap of using regular newspaper to wrap your items. Well, it is factual that they are cheap, but they might absorb ink into your treasurable belongings and lead to unexpected loses. Instead, invest in white wrapping papers which are a bit expensive, but highly reliable.#5 Know what you cannot packThere are some household items that you should not load onto a moving truck for the safety of your goods, mover, and road users. Therefore, you will need to read our complete list of non-allowable items so that you cannot find yourself on the wrong side of the law during the moving process.#6 Use packing boxesIt is true that you can buy or borrow boxes from various places such as liquor stores. However, these boxes are made to hold a certain weight, and they might not work great for your items. Also, we cannot forget to mention that they are not clean to house your valuable goods. Therefore, make use of boxes that are specially designed for moving.#7 Get some extra hands!As they say, two hands are better than one. Therefore, engage your close friends or family members in the packing process, and you can rest assured that the process will be complete before you know it. However, remember to only work with the people you can trust!#8 Unless you fully trust your mover, never pack your treasuresNever pack everything. Unless you are working with the most professional moving company, ensure that you move things such as passports, wills, title deeds, and anything else you consider to be of utmost importance to your life. Don’t lament because you don’t have enough money to pay for a full packing service. Instead, focus on the above tips, and you will certainly complete this critical but overwhelming task in no time. Best of luck!

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